How to Create the Perfect Gaming Room: Full Guide

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From the youngest age, some people love spending their free time playing their favorite games. For some, this hobby or pastime turns into a desirable career path once they grow up. They go on to become professional gamers, game testers, and experts.

If you work in professional gaming or want to spend time playing your favorite video games after you finish with other obligations, you should consider creating a game room. Having a gaming room is wise for several reasons, many of which we’ll explore in this guide.

Creating a gaming room means you will have to pick out furniture for that room, decorate it, add an attractive gaming setup, and so on. We want to help you learn more about pairing furniture and equipment to make the room look as beautiful as possible. So, if you want to get some helpful game room ideas, we recommend you stick around for the rest of this guide!

Why Do You Need a Gaming Room?

gaming setup in dark room

Before we go into detail about the recommended gaming room setups, we want to tell you why you should consider dedicating a separate space for gaming. We know that in some cases, people don’t have space in their homes to create a separate gaming room, but if you do have the space, you should definitely use it for your gaming gear.

Here is why we think that having a gaming room is a good option:

Home Office

If you are a professional gamer or streamer or do anything remotely connected to gaming, it’s wise to have a gaming room. Think about it – the room can be your home office, containing everything you need to do your work.

If you don’t create such a dedicated space and have a game room setup in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else, you will likely associate that area with work. So, it won’t be as easy for you to separate your career and your personal life, which can lead to poor work-life balance.

When you have a separate game room, you can see it as an office where you go in to do work and go out whenever you’re done. That way, you won’t associate the rest of your home with the pressure and stress that might stem from your work.

Entertainment Space

You don’t have to be a professional gamer to have a top-notch game room. If you’re into gaming or have children who like to play video games, you can create the room as a separate entertainment space. You can play games with your kids or see them enjoying themselves in this area, which is bound to bring nothing but joy.

The game room can also be a fun family space where you go to do some gaming. In any case, you’ll have a separate gaming space that you can use whenever you need to take a breather from everything else in life.

Added House Value

Houses with separate gaming spaces may sell for more than a house without a separate gaming room. Nowadays, many people work in professional gaming as journalists, streamers, experts, testers, or even gaming hosts.

Those people are going to look for houses with a dedicated gaming space since they’ll need one, and it will be much more convenient for them to have it from the very beginning than to create it themselves.

So, instead of just leaving one room to be empty or used as nothing but storage, turn it into a gaming spot. That way, when you decide to sell or rent the house, the gaming room will add value to the property.


It goes without saying that many people use gaming to relax. Nowadays, new fun games come out every day. Understandably, you might want to spend an hour or two trying out these games. But would it not be so fun to have a special gaming room where you can feel like an actual pro gamer?

We think that games are the perfect pastime for people of all ages, so we recommend that people make a game room for their computer, console, or anything else they like to use to play games. You’re bound to feel so relaxed when you go into that area and know that none of your obligations are following you there!


Finally, we recommend the separate game room because it makes things much more convenient. Think about it: most people have desks in all rooms to keep their computers, iPads, consoles, etc. Why have these desks, equipment, and tangled cables all over the house when you can put them all in one room, and free up so much space?

A gaming room allows you to have your gaming equipment all in one space, so you don’t have to run around looking for the controllers or take the headset from one room to another. You’ll have everything you need close to you so once you start gaming, nothing will interrupt your session!

Gaming Equipment Every Gaming Room Needs

lit up gaming equipment

If and when you decide to create a gaming room in your house, you should think about the gaming equipment you want to put in there. If it’s a kid’s game room, you might be able to make it work with any equipment you have at home.

But if anyone in your household is quite serious about playing or streaming games for a living, you’ll need to invest in proper gaming equipment.

From computers to consoles, and various types of monitors and keyboards, here are the pieces of gaming equipment that are necessary for any enclosed game area:


The computer is an essential part of any gaming room, especially if you plan to play games only on a PC, not a console. Gaming computers used to be quite expensive in the past, but nowadays, many companies have started building specialized gaming computers that are more affordable.

They still cost a considerable amount of money, but the cost shouldn’t be a problem for those who are serious about being professional gamers.

The ultimate game computer will allow you to build skills and muscle memory that will help you become the best at your favorite video games. After practicing for a while, you can also participate in tournaments that offer cash prizes for the best players. That way, you can return some of the money you invested in the computer.

But even if you want the computer only to play games, investing in a good computer is still a good idea. The best gaming computers come with improved CPUs and are extremely fast and responsive, meaning that no fast-paced game will pose a problem to them. They will offer a huge memory capacity and allow you to install dozens of games without lagging.

Some of the must-haves that often get overlooked are the graphics and sound quality. To make the most of your gaming experience, we recommend getting a computer with top-tier graphic parts and the best sound capacity. It will feel amazing to play on a computer with all these features and quality parts.

Finally, you also have the option to choose between a desktop computer and a laptop. Laptops are more convenient for gamers who are often on the go, but desktops are less likely to overheat, don’t need to be charged, and can be upgraded more easily when better component parts come out.


xbox console beside wirelles controllers

Playing games on a computer is fun and convenient, as you can use the computer to do other things besides playing games. However, it’ll be even better if you can pair the computer with a gaming console and have the option to switch between the two.

As we mentioned with the gaming computer, consoles are expensive, especially when they first come out. If you want to get some famous consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, PS5, or Xbox, be prepared to spend a lot of money. Sometimes, you also need to invest in separate controllers, charging stations for the controllers, and many other things.

With consoles, you can play many excellent games, so having one can prove extremely helpful. We recommend consoles instead of computers for households with more than one person interested in games or those who like to play games with friends. Having two or more controllers makes it easy for you to play games together with a second or third person.


A gaming monitor is a must for those who want to play video games often, as the graphics, color, light, and everything else are much better than on regular monitors. Luckily, even the best professional monitors are not always that expensive, so most people should be able to afford them.

There are ultrawide monitors, curved monitors, monitors you can group with one or two other monitors, ones that come with a stand, ones that can be wall-mounted, etc. Some gamers even choose a wall-mounted TV instead of an actual monitor because the TVs can be much larger. Which one you choose depends on your need or preference.

Whenever choosing a monitor, we recommend you focus on the graphics and colors, the refresh rate, etc. Whether it’s an ultrawide or curved monitor, it doesn’t make much difference. But the fast refresh rate and stellar color accuracy can indeed make an enormous difference in your gaming experience.


mechanical gaming keyboard with backlight, RGB LED backlight

Keyboards are also something to take into consideration. We know that there are quite a few gaming keyboards on the market, while there are twice as many regular ones. We recommend special gaming mechanical keyboards with backlights for gamers.

Mechanical keyboards are known for being a bit louder, but that’s because of the way the keys are laid out. The big responsive keys make it easier for you to play fast-paced games, as you’ll be able to feel what you’re doing and make quick moves in the game.

As for the backlight, we recommend it for gamers who want to play games at night with the light turned out. Even when playing in natural light, the backlight can make it easier to know if your hands are in the proper position.

Finally, we recommend looking into gaming keyboards that put the primary keys in a different color, namely the arrow keys and WASD keys. Those are the keys you would usually use to move in a game, so it can be highly convenient to find them quickly.


If you thought there was no special gaming mouse you could use to make your gaming experience more convenient, you’re gravely mistaken. There are quite a few companies that are creating fantastic gaming mice. These are a bit more expensive than regular mice, but the investment is worth it!

Why is that? Well, the gaming mouse doesn’t come only with the regular two clicks and the scroll button. It has a few more clicks added on the sides and the front, which you can use for easier gaming. The buttons depend on the gaming mouse and manufacturer, but the mouse is bound to come with a manual instructing you on how to use it.

When selecting a gaming mouse, you must ensure it’s highly responsive and fast-paced. Additionally, you can choose if you want a corded or USB mouse. The first is more convenient because there’ll be no lag, but USB mice are also quite popular.

Which one you choose depends on your personal preference, so make sure that you do the needed research before you commit to one gaming mouse!


man with headphone play games

Often, you won’t have the option to play your games on maximum volume while others are in the house. Especially if you play them all day, it’s rude to bother everyone with the shooter sounds or any other sounds coming from the game. But at the same time, it’s a shame to play without any volume.

That’s why we recommend you invest in a high-quality headset that comes with premium sound quality, bass, and everything else you need to enjoy the game’s sound.

For people who spend hours playing video games, we don’t recommend earbuds but bigger earphones that cover the entire ear, as they feel more comfortable and offer better sound. We also recommend either going for speakers with a long-lasting battery or corded ones.

Any headset with a quick draining battery will not be suitable, as you’ll have to recharge it constantly, during which time you will miss out on the game’s sounds.


If you have a separate, soundproof game room, consider investing in some quality speakers. These come in all sizes and shapes – some can be put on your desk, some require a special stand, whereas others can be put directly on the floor or mounted to the wall. You can go with whatever works best for you and goes with the design of your game room.

We recommend you look for speakers from famous manufacturers, ones that are bound to put out the best sound you’ve ever heard. If you can invest and install a whole surround system, that would immediately take your gaming sessions to the next level. So, consider that option as well.


If you plan on streaming your gameplay, reacting to games while playing them, or just playing with friends, you should invest in a webcam. Usually, professional monitors come with a camera included, but if one is built into yours, you can buy a separate camera.

You can get a camera you mount to the monitor, a fully professional camera with its own stand, or one you set on the desk. Go with whatever works for you, but ensure that the camera is HD and creates high-resolution recording.


You’ll also need a microphone for live streaming or playing social games with friends. You can use the same microphone if you ever want to participate in any gaming tournament. Investing in a high-quality microphone is wise but not always necessary. It’s not the first thing people invest in, but it can surely be a great addition to your setup and make it look even more professional.

Charging Station

We would recommend a charging station for your setup in case you use any wireless devices or controllers. Nowadays, companies produce good-looking stations that don’t look like charging stations but some artsy decorations. Investing in at least one charging station is necessary to charge wireless devices, so you should consider doing it as soon as you invest in such a device.

Furniture and Decorations for a Gaming Room

gaming room

When beginner gamers think of game room furniture, they may only think of the desk and chair they would use while playing games. However, much more goes into creating a comfortable, relaxing gaming room setup. In fact, we have created a list of 12 essential pieces of game room furniture you should look into when decorating your room. Here are those 12 pieces of furniture:

Gaming Desk

The gaming desk is one of the most important things when you want to play games on a desktop or laptop. It would be best to have a comfortable desk to set up the computer, while for console playing, you can also go with a regular coffee table.

Let’s get back to the gaming desk. The first thing is to think about the shape of the desk – would you want to go with a regular or an L-shaped desk? A wide or narrow one? A wooden, metal, adjustable, standing desk, or any other type of desk?

For people who spend a lot of time at home on their computers, we recommend adjustable desks that can change the height with the push of a button. They are more expensive but worth it when you consider that you can use them in whatever position you want.

Next, get a desk from a material that’s durable and easy to maintain. Ensure it comes with at least some drawers for extra storage space. Put it somewhere where you can use the natural light in your room but also close to a light. Ensure it’s wide and spacious, as you might want to add more monitors or a second device on the desk over time.

Gaming Chair

blue gaming chair

Desk chairs are no longer used for playing games. Nowadays, people use gaming chairs even for the office or their regular work desks as they are much more comfortable, offer excellent ergonomics, and are not even that expensive!

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing gaming chairs. Here are some of the must-have features you should keep in mind when on the market for your next chair:

  • The gaming chair should have an adjustable height and an adjustable backrest.
  • It should come with armrests you can use whenever you need a break from playing.
  • The chair should come with back and lumbar support to keep you from stiffening even when playing for a long time.
  • It should be made from durable materials that ensure you can use the chair for years.
  • The gaming chair should be made from breathable materials that do not make you feel too hot or cause you to sweat.
  • It should be easy to maintain and clean, meaning it should come with detachable pillows that you can easily clean in the washing machine occasionally.

But most importantly of all, the chair must feel comfortable to you. It should be the right size for your body and look good with the rest of your game room decor. So, always keep that in mind to make the room look unified.

Monitor Riser

If your monitor is too low and you need to crouch to look at it, you should invest in a monitor riser. These look like separate compartments that you can add on top of the desk and then add the monitor. They’ll allow the monitor to be the right height compared to your body and eyes, while also giving you some extra storage space.

While often used with actual monitors, we recommend using such risers for laptops, as laptops tend to lay flat on the desk and be too low compared to your sitting position. The risers don’t cost too much, and you can always find some that look excellent when paired with your desk and overall setup.

Keyboard Mats

Keyboard mats have also become quite popular over the years, as they make the desk look so much better while keeping your keyboard from slipping. Not to mention, they’re incredibly comfortable and can keep your wrists from straining when you spend long hours at the computer.

We recommend keyboard mats not only for gamers but also for anyone who needs to be at the keyboard all day, every day!

Cable Management Kit

While most equipment has gone cordless in recent years, some people still prefer to use corded equipment. If you’re one of those people, you know the cords can get extremely tangled and ruin the overall look of your setup. To keep your setup from looking untidy, we recommend using a cable management kit. It makes it extremely easy to set the cables and find the ones you need.

Projector Screen

Some games with in-game worlds are even better when played on big screens. You can always use a large monitor or TV, but why not consider investing in a projector and projector screen for any empty walls in the game room? Think about it – you can use the projector for movies or TV series whenever you run out of games to play, so it’s a win-win situation!

Acoustic Panels

We recommend installing some acoustic panels in the room for serious gamers to eliminate echoes and lower reverberation. These panels will not soundproof the room, but they will allow you to eliminate outside noises while lowering the noise that goes out of the room when the volume is on high. Consider putting some panels around speakers and across from them to get the best results.


Adding a footrest under your desk can help you stay comfortable even if you’re sitting at that desk for hours. Ensure you get a comfortable footrest that fits both your feet. You can also go with a standard cushion or something similar if you don’t want to invest in a special footrest.


Adding a rug to the room can make it look better while keeping your chair from slipping around. Consider adding a small area rug around your desk or invest in a full-size rug for the entire room.


If you need added storage or want to fill some of the empty walls in your game room, consider installing shelves. You can use them to keep all your needed things close at hand, and they’re nice decor that makes the room look well put together.

Ambient Lighting

You can always add any lights you want to the room to make it look unique. Use colorful RGB lighting, LED lighting, at least one overhead light, and recessed lighting. Anything you like goes, but make sure you choose wisely!

Speaker Stands

Finally, consider investing in speaker stands if you plan on using larger speakers. They will keep the speakers from emitting vibrations through the floor to the rest of your home. So, they’re a wise investment for any video game room!

Wrap Up

Thank you for reading our detailed guide on why you need a gaming room in your home, what furniture you should add, and what equipment you should buy to create a professional gaming setup for yourself.

There are no limits to what you can do with your game room design, so don’t feel you need to stick to the things mentioned in this guide. Instead, try different things before you find a design you enjoy most.

If you have any game room ideas you want to share with other readers and me, please do so in the comment section below. We can’t wait to learn more about your recommended gaming room decor and the equipment you have and use when playing your favorite games!

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