Best Gaming Keyboard Under 2000

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 2000: Regarding gaming, having a reliable and responsive keyboard can make all the difference. But you don’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality gaming keyboard. Several options are available under 2000 rupees that offer exceptional performance without compromising on features or durability. These budget-friendly gaming keyboards boast mechanical switches for faster response times and improved accuracy.

They also come with customizable RGB lighting options, allowing you to personalize your gaming setup according to your preference. Additionally, many of these keyboards offer programmable macros and dedicated multimedia keys, making executing complex commands and controlling audio settings easier while immersed in the gameplay. 

List Of Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000

Our Pick
61kNsEYL46L. AC SL1000
HP Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Spill Proof

71kr3WAj1FL. AC SL1500 1
Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard


81yd9W0doL. AC SL1500
SteelSeries USB Apex 5 Hybrid

Wrist Rest

61kNsEYL46L. AC SL1000 1
KLIM Chroma Wireless Gaming Keyboard RGB

Water Resistant

51R1WrRoL. AC SL1008
Iron Orange Yellow Gaming Keyboard

Backlit Keyboard

HP Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

61kNsEYL46L. AC SL1000
Our Pick
HP Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The HP Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a great addition for gamers and those who require a reliable input solution for their PC, computer, or laptop. The keyboard features a full-size layout with a membrane design and RGB rainbow backlit keys, making it visually appealing and practical for gaming in low-light conditions. You may be interested in this post also: Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50

One of the standout features of this keyboard is the anti-ghosting keys, which ensure that every keystroke is accurately registered, even during intense gaming sessions with multiple simultaneous key presses. This functionality helps prevent frustrating input lags or missed commands, enhancing gaming performance. The included gaming mouse is also adjustable, allowing users to customize its sensitivity levels to suit their preferences and gaming styles. This level of adjustability enables smoother and more precise cursor movements, which is essential for achieving better accuracy during gaming and other tasks.


  • Full-size keyboard with RGB rainbow backlit and anti-ghosting keys for an immersive gaming experience.
  • The combo includes both a gaming keyboard and an adjustable mouse, providing a complete set for gamers.
  • A wired connection ensures stable and reliable performance during intense gaming sessions.
  • Suitable for PC, computer, and laptop gaming.


  • The quality of the membrane keyboard may not match that of mechanical keyboards.
  • Limited information about the mouse’s DPI sensitivity and additional features.
  • Compatibility with gaming consoles and other platforms not specified.

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard

71kr3WAj1FL. AC SL1500 1
Our Pick
Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard

The Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and M601 Mouse Combo is a budget-friendly option that caters to gamers seeking essential gaming features without breaking the bank. The RGB backlit gaming keyboard adds a visually appealing element to the setup, allowing users to customize the lighting to their preference or game theme.

The standout feature of this combo is the programmable backlit gaming mouse, which enables users to set custom macros and assign specific functions to different buttons. This level of customization enhances gaming performance and productivity, particularly in fast-paced games that demand quick and precise actions. Both the keyboard and mouse boast a sturdy build, providing durability and quality for long-lasting use. The tactile feel of the keys on the keyboard is satisfying, making it comfortable for extended typing or gaming sessions.


  • Value combo set offering both keyboard and mouse at an affordable price.
  • The updated version likely includes improvements and enhancements.
  • Suitable for gamers looking for a budget-friendly gaming peripheral bundle.


  • Specifics about key switches and mouse sensors are not provided.
  • Potential durability issues with a budget-oriented product.
  • Limited gaming features compared to high-end gaming peripherals.
  • Compatibility with gaming platforms other than PC not specified.

SteelSeries USB Apex 5 Hybrid

81yd9W0doL. AC SL1500
Our Pick
SteelSeries USB Apex 5 Hybrid

The SteelSeries USB Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a premium gaming peripheral offering functionality and aesthetics. The keyboard features a hybrid mechanical switch, specifically the Hybrid Blue Switch, which provides a satisfying tactile feel while typing or gaming. This switch type strikes a balance between a mechanical switch’s responsiveness and a membrane switch’s quieter operation.

One of the key highlights of this keyboard is its per-key RGB illumination, allowing users to customize the lighting of individual keys according to their preferences or game setups. This feature adds a visually stunning element to the gaming experience and can be synchronized with other SteelSeries devices for a cohesive lighting theme. 


  • Hybrid mechanical switches for a tactile feel and durability.
  • Per-key RGB illumination for customizable lighting effects.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame for a sturdy and premium build.
  • OLED smart display provides real-time information and in-game stats.


  • Specifics about the switch type and actuation force are not mentioned.
  • Potential issues with keycap durability not specified.
  • OLED displays may have limited utility and customization options.

KLIM Chroma Wireless Gaming Keyboard RGB

61kNsEYL46L. AC SL1000 1
Our Pick
KLIM Chroma Wireless Gaming Keyboard RGB

The KLIM Chroma Wireless Gaming Keyboard RGB is an updated 2023 version with impressive features, making it a strong contender in the gaming keyboard market. One of its standout attributes is the long-lasting rechargeable battery, which ensures extended gaming sessions without the hassle of frequent battery replacements.

The keyboard’s quick and quiet typing capabilities make it ideal for gaming and everyday use. The keys are responsive and provide a comfortable typing experience, enabling users to maintain peak performance during intense gaming sessions or extended typing tasks. Another notable feature is the water-resistant design, which protects against accidental spills or splashes. This feature can prevent potential damage to the keyboard, making it more durable and reliable in various gaming or work environments.


  • Wireless design for enhanced mobility and cable management.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery for extended gaming sessions.
  • Quick and quiet typing experience for comfortable use.
  • Water-resistant backlit keyboard for added durability and visibility.


  • Potential limitations on key rollover and anti-ghosting features are not mentioned.
  • Specifics about the wireless connection range are not provided.
  • Lack of information about additional gaming features.

Iron Orange Yellow Gaming Keyboard

51R1WrRoL. AC SL1008
Our Pick
Iron Orange Yellow Gaming Keyboard

The Iron Orange Yellow Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo offers a visually striking and functional setup for gamers seeking a unique gaming experience. The 104 full-size metallic backlit keyboard catches the eye with its orange and yellow color scheme, adding a bold and vibrant touch to any gaming setup.

The LED keyboard color change feature allows users to customize the lighting with various colors, creating a dynamic and personalized atmosphere that enhances the gaming ambiance. This customization option allows users to match the keyboard’s lighting to their preferred style or synchronize it with other peripherals for a cohesive look. As a full-size keyboard, it provides a comfortable typing experience with well-spaced keys, making it suitable for gaming and everyday use. The metallic build adds durability to the keyboard, ensuring it can withstand the demands of intense gaming sessions or heavy typing tasks.


  • Full-size metallic backlit keyboard for the enhanced gaming experience
  • LED keyboard with color change option for customizable lighting
  • Compatible with PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for versatile gaming use
  • The combo includes both keyboard and mouse for convenience.


  • Limited information about key specifications (e.g., key switches, mouse DPI)
  • Lack of additional gaming features (e.g., macro keys, dedicated media controls)
  • Potential issues with build quality or durability not specified.

Buying Guide for Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000

When looking for the best gaming keyboards under 2000 rupees, several factors must be considered to ensure you get the most value for your money. Here’s a buying guide to help you make an informed decision:

  • Keyboard Type
  • Switch Type
  • Backlighting
  • Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting
  • Build Quality
  • Additional Features
  • Software and Customization
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Brands
  • Warranty

Keyboard Type

There are three main types of gaming keyboards: membrane, mechanical, and hybrid. Gamers prefer mechanical keyboards due to their tactile feedback and durability, but they can be a bit more expensive. Membrane keyboards are more affordable but may lack the same level of responsiveness.

Switch Type

You must choose the switch type if you opt for a mechanical keyboard. Different switches offer varying levels of actuation force and feedback. Popular options include:

  • Cherry MX Red (linear and quiet).
  • Cherry MX Blue (tactile and clicky).
  • Cherry MX Brown (tactile and quieter).

However, there are also other switches from manufacturers like Razer, SteelSeries, and others, each with unique characteristics.


Gaming keyboards often come with customizable backlighting, enhancing the gaming experience and making it easier to see the keys in low-light conditions. RGB backlighting allows you to choose from various colors and lighting effects.

Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting

Key rollover refers to the number of keys a keyboard can register simultaneously. Anti-ghosting technology prevents key presses from being ignored when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. Look for N-key rollover (NKRO) or at least 6-key rollover (6KRO) for a better gaming experience.

Build Quality

Durability is crucial for a gaming keyboard, especially if you plan intense gaming sessions. Look for keyboards with a sturdy build and materials that can withstand constant use.

Additional Features

Some gaming keyboards have extra features such as programmable macro keys, multimedia controls, wrist rests, and USB passthrough ports. Consider which features are essential for your gaming needs.

Software and Customization

Check if the keyboard has dedicated software to customize lighting, macros, and other settings. Intuitive software can greatly enhance your gaming experience.

Reviews and Ratings

Before making a final decision, read reviews from other users and check the product’s overall rating. It will give you an idea of its performance and reliability.


Popular gaming keyboard brands like Logitech, Corsair, Razer, SteelSeries, HyperX, and Redragon offer a wide range of options in this price range. Trustworthy brands often provide better customer support and warranty services.


Ensure that the keyboard comes with a warranty, so you can get it replaced or repaired if any issues arise.

Remember that personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the best gaming keyboard. Try to test different keyboards in person to get a feel for the switches and overall comfort. With this buying guide, you should be better equipped to find a gaming keyboard that suits your needs and budget.


What are the best gaming keyboards under 2000?

Some top options include Corsair K55 RGB, Redragon K552, and Logitech G213 Prodigy.

Can I find mechanical gaming keyboards under 2000?

Several brands offer mechanical keyboards like HyperX Alloy FPS and SteelSeries Apex 150.

Are there any wireless gaming keyboards under 2000?

Yes, Razer Cynosa Chroma and Corsair K57 RGB Wireless fit the budget.

Which gaming keyboard under 2000 has customizable RGB lighting?

Keyboards like the Cooler Master CK550 and HyperX Alloy Core RGB offer customizable RGB lighting at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, finding the best gaming keyboard under 2000 is not impossible. With a wide range of available options, gamers can choose keyboards that suit their preferences and requirements without breaking the bank. From mechanical keyboards with customizable RGB lighting to those with programmable keys and advanced gaming features, there is something for everyone within this price range. Ultimately, it comes down to individual needs and priorities when selecting the perfect gaming keyboard. So, take your time to research and compare different models to find the one that will enhance your gaming experience and give you the competitive edge you seek. 

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